Kids Cycling Lessons

Whether your kid is just starting out, or looking to advance their skills towards regular family rides, we can help. Our classes are based around fun learning with the aim of achieving new skills through building confidence and improving your child’s cycling ability.

For kids that can already ride we have fun activities to develop their skills including growing their application of skills in a range of different situations with appropriate cycle safety knowledge.
Lessons include a range of activities to met your child’s needs: such as obstacle courses, hill climbs, descending challenges, the use of shared pathways and the correct use of gears and proficient braking in a range of different situations.

  • Learn to Ride
  • Cycle Proficiency
  • Riding to School and using shared pathways
  • Beginner Traffic Skills
  • Road Safety

Other services we currently offer include:

Please contact us for further information or to make a booking.